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Polymer ST and TEGOPAC® - Your solutions to innovative sealants and adhesives

With Polymer ST and TEGOPAC® we are offering two different silane-modified polymers mainly used in the adhesives and sealant industry.

The well-established Polymer ST is a SPUR (silane-terminated polyurethane) to be used in a multitude of different formulations ranging from low modulus sealants to high modulus flexible adhesives TEGOPAC® is a new-SP (new silane-modified polymer) that differs from Polymer ST having lateral silane modification and high variability in the polymer backbone. Thus, resulting in benefits such as higher elasticity, excellent recovery, better through-cure, higher stability and advanced adhesion properties.  

POLYMER ST is a range of linear polyether based polymers with trimethoxy silane terminations. Their polymer architecture as well as their plasticizer content have been optimized to fit various applications. They open the way to a wide range of product properties.

Polymer ST and TEGOPaC

Polymer ST and TEGOPAC®Flexible design for highest performance

Find more information about the flexible binder technology of Evonik Industries on: Silane-modified polymers (SMP)

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A range of organic tin compounds is available for catalyzing silane-modified polymers. Within the portfolio are octyl tin complexes which allow the manufacture of classification free products and products with the eco label "The Blue Angel".

On your request we may also support you in developing tin-free formulations. 

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Find more information about the eco-label "The Blue Angel" on: The Blue Angel

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Brochure Polymer ST and TEGOPAC
Brochure "Polymer ST and TEGOPAC® - Your solution for innovative silane-modified adhesives and sealants"

The combined portfolio of Polymer ST and TEGOPAC allows us to offer two different technologies for silane-modified polymers (SMP) which are base raw materials for adhesives and sealants. 

Today SMPs cover a broad range of applications from building and construction to transportation and industrial assembly. Due to their beneficial properties SMPs are constantly growing and are expected to enter into emerging markets.

Product overview Polymer ST and TEGOPAC 16:9
Product overview "Polymer ST and TEGOPAC®"

Our product portfolio classified by the application areas construction, transport & automotive and industrial assembly.