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Condensation curing silicones are ideal for the manufacture of adhesives, sealants, potting resins, and many other one and two component elastomeric systems.

Mechanical properties of condensation curing systems can be adjusted over a wide specification range. They have a universal adhesion profile and are highly resistant to temperature changes, UV radiation, and chemical attack. Condensation silicones can be formulated without plasticizers and without tin.

Evonik offers base polymers, crosslinkers, and additives for these elastomeric formulations. Our applications lab is available to support you in design and optimization of your formulations according to your needs.

Linear, hydroxy and alkoxy functionalized polydimethylsiloxanes are used as base polymers. In a polycondensation reaction they form the elastomeric network in contact with moisture.

POLYMER OH is a hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane. It is available in a wide range of viscosities (100 – 400000 mPas). 

POLYMER OR is a specialty polymer with terminal hydroxy groups. This allows for soft products without using free plasticizers preventing oil migration. It is particularly suited for the use on natural stone and similar porous materials.

POLYMER OM is terminated by methoxy groups. It already contains the reactive groups which are otherwise formed during the endcapping process when you use a standard hydroxy terminated polymer. Using POLYMER OM a well-defined, complete endcapping is ensured. 

MODIFIER OH is a mono hydroxy terminated polymer and acts as a reactive plasticizer. It is anchored into the network and cannot migrate out of the elastomer. 

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A range of tin organic compounds is available for catalyzing condensation silicones among them also octyl tin complexes which allow the manufacture of classification free products and products with the eco label „The Blue Angel“.

On your request we may also support you in developing tin-free formulations. 

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Find more information about the eco-label "The Blue Angel" on: The blue angel


Condensation silicones can be cured by several crosslinking systems which are chosen according to the application.

CROSSLINKER OX are based on oxime silanes. They react neutrally and can also be used on sensitive materials like metal and marble. They are low in odor and easy to formulate. Adhesion is very good on many plastic materials. 

Evonik offers standard oximes liberating MEKO (methyl ethyl ketoxime) as well as oximes for manufacturing Low-MEKO systems. 

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