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Nano and Silicone Technology

Through our three technology platforms, we offer you a comprehensive choice of base materials for elastomeric formulations. Our product range allows you to customize your own formulations. Our experts will help you adapt your formulation to your particular needs. Indeed, it will be unique in the market and allow you to have full control over your final product—even when requirements change.

Reactive resin modifiers and nanosilica in reactive resins are product groups designed to improve the properties of your resin formulations, such as toughness, strength, or fatigue performance. Our specialists and technical experts will help you to develop materials for fiber-reinforced composites, structural adhesives, and electrical and electronic applications, among other areas.

Addition curing silicones are one of the most important elastomers for manufacturing medical products, electrical insulators, potting resins, and mold making compounds. Read more...


Condensation curing silicones are ideal for the manufacture of adhesives, sealants, potting resins, and many other one and two component elastomeric systems. Read more...


Polymer ST and Tegopac® - Your solutions to innovative sealants and adhesives. Read more...


Dispersions of nano-scale SiO2 particles enable the formulation of transparent products with low viscosity and high filler content that do not show any sedimentation. This process uses surface-modified, agglomerate-free silica particles with a diameter of approx. 20 nm. Read more...


The different ALBIDUR® grades can be used to improve toughness of thermosetting formulations. Based on a silicone core-shell rubber, they combine high toughening efficiency with low viscosity. They are used in many different applications like adhesives, fiber reinforced composites or electronics. Read more...

Structural Adhesives 16:9
Brochure "Structural Adhesives - Products for efficiency and performance of thermosetting and UV-curing matrices"

Depending on the application and desired modification, different products can be used for improving the performance of adhesives based on thermosetting resins and UV-curable resins systems.

Product overview Nano and Silicone Technology
Product Overview

Our broad range of products reflects the extensive variety of requirements specified by our customers. For more than 20 years we have led the way with trail-blazing research while constantly monitoring the latest trends in various industrial 
sectors. Always a step ahead of market developments, we offer you solutions to tomorrow’s application requirements – today.

Electrical and Electronic Applications
Brochure "Electrical and electronic applications"

We provide an extensive range of modifiers for use in the electrical and electronic industry and related industries.

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Brochure "Fiber-reinforced composites - Products for efficiency and performance of thermosetting matrices"

Depending on the application and desired modification, different products can be used for improving the performance of thermosetting resins and composites made thereof or improving the processability of thermosets and textiles. 

Brochure Dental and Medical 16:9

Brochure "Medical and dental applications"Evonik Nano & Silicone Technology offers a wide range of base materials which can be used in formulations for dental impression materials, Silicone adhesive, gels composite fillers and other medical applications.