Medical Applications

Medical Applications

Nano and Silicone Technology

The healthcare industry is a key is growing and the needs of the people in this segment have changed significantly in the past few years.

Especially the demographic development has led to an increase in demand for healthcare and in particular for silicones because of its high performance, and physical properties, especially increased biocompatibility, hypoallergenic, bio durability, flexibility, sterilisability, stability, lubricity, and bacterial-resistance. Furthermore no additives and plasticizers are added in the manufacturing of silicone products, which makes it in combination with the lack of adulteration an ideal product for use in the healthcare industry.

With the silicone toolkit of Evonik you can set up your own customized formulation as we provide a tool box of addition curing silicones consisting of all component one would need to create an own silicone formulation or your formulation particularly adjusted to your needs. It will be unique in the market and allow you to keep full control over your final product – even when requirements change. We offer our products with a great service that include formulated samples, guideline recipes, joint formulation developments, and analytics and after-sales services like trouble-shooting in the production process.  

Furthermore we offer a safe way gaining the benefits of using nanoparticle modified acrylates, NANOCRYL® D series. These products provide much higher filler content with low viscosities in combination with conventional filler material, improved abrasion resistance, reduced cure shrinkage ⇒ less gap formation ⇒ less secondary tooth decay, reduced heat of reaction, smoothed surface and in enhanced lifetime of the filling in the mouth due to improved toughness and hardness.  

Customers in Breast Care, Wound & Skin Care, Dental, Cushioning, Otology, Podology, Prosthesis application fields already benefit from the added value working with us.