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Today a world without adhesives & sealants is not possible anymore. Adhesives & sealants are used for example in construction and transportation applications, for assembly applications as well as for production of tapes & labels, electronic equipment or medical devices.

To support different needs related to performance, production or application we offer a broad portfolio of additives and binder materials:

  • Our product portfolio includes silane-modified polymers for development of hybrid adhesives & sealants as well as raw materials for condensation and addition curing silicones. Our UV curing silicones help to produce tapes and labels with excellent release properties. 

  • Our additives for reactive adhesives & sealants (epoxides, PUs, acrylics) offer many possibilities to optimize performance of formulations. Improvement of fatigue properties, toughening of epoxides, de-aeration of formulations or better dispersing of filler materials is possible. 

  • Our antifoams and emulsifiers are used for production of dispersions as well as additives to improve performance of adhesive formulations. The additives help to reduce foaming, improve wetting, modify rheology behavior or improve dispersing of fillers.

Solutions for Adhesives 16:9
Solutions for Adhesives

With our range of products, the following advantages can be achieved: 

• Reduction/elimination of foam or bubbles
• Eliminated microfoam while maintaining good compatibility
• Improved dynamic wetting behavior on difficult surfaces
• Higher toughness and improved mechanical properties
• Viscosity and CLTE modification using reactive resin modifiers
• Improved dispersing of fillers
• Longer lifetimes

... just to name a few.

Brochure Polymer ST and TEGOPAC
Brochure Polymer ST and TEGOPAC®

Your solution for innovative silane-modified adhesives and sealants

The combined portfolio of Polymer ST and TEGOPAC allows us to offer two different technologies for silane-modified polymers (SMP) which are base raw materials for adhesives and sealants.

Product overview Polymer ST and TEGOPAC 16:9
Product overview Polymer ST and TEGOPAC®

Today SMPs cover a broad range of applications from building and construction to transportation and industrial assembly. Due to their beneficial properties SMPs are constantly growing and are expected to enter into emerging markets.

Our product portfolio classified by the application areas construction, transport & automotive and industrial assembly. 

Evonik for silicone

Explore our broad range of products for the silicone industry!

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