About us

Founding and history

Nano and Silicone Technology

Our origins date back to 1987, when Hanse Chemie GmbH was founded in Geesthacht, a city near Hamburg, Germany. It was a momentous occasion, as start-ups in the chemical industry were rare. Our silicone polymer activities proved to be a sound concept. Reactive resin modifiers based on silicone core shell elastomers were among the first product groups developed at Geesthacht.

In 1993 Hanse Chemie Inc. was established in the USA in order to serve the increasing demand in North America properly.
In 2000, Polymer ST was launched. This line of innovative silane-terminated polyurethanes made it possible to dispense with isocyanates in PU applications. It went on to become a major success throughout the adhesives and sealants industry.

The company entered the nanotechnology business in 1997 and began producing nanosilica for various resins on an industrial scale. As the markets served with reactive resin modifiers and nanosilica ran different courses in their dynamic development, the nanotechnology activities were spun off in 2005. Hanse Chemie GmbH then became Hanse Chemie AG and Nanoresins AG.

In 2011 Evonik Industries acquired both companies and united them in Evonik Hanse GmbH which was integrated into Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH in 2016.