Fibre-reinforced composites

Nano and Silicone Technology

Fiber-reinforced composites are a key technology of the 21st century as they enable lightweight construction in many different areas of modern life. 

Not only transportation applications like aerospace, automotive, railway, yacht- or shipbuilding are depending on composites components to be fuel-efficient and long-lasting. Wind energy installations, crude oil pipes for offshore platforms, energy recovery flywheels, compressurized gas tanks and many other applications in the energy market are impossible without fiber reinforced composites either. Construction, sports equipment, machine parts, protective equipment like helmets – fiber-reinforced composites are everywhere.

Manufacturer of composites using thermosetting resin systems are enabled by our competencies to improve the performance and/or to reduce the manufacturing costs. Silica nanoparticles in epoxy resins enhance the mechanical properties and the fatigue performance significantly. Tougheners based on reactive liquid rubbers or core shell elastomers, tackifiers for prepregs and process additives complete our product portfolio. 

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Fiber-reinforced composites

Products for efficiency and performance of thermosetting matrices
Depending on the application and desired modification, different products can be used for improving the performance of thermosetting resins and composites made thereof or improving the processability of thermosets and textiles.