Nano and Silicone Technology

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Product listing

  • ALBIDUR® EP 2240 A

    ALBIDUR® EP 2240 A is a white, 40 % concentrated dispersion of a high performance core-shell elastomer in an epoxy resin based on bisphenol A used to toughen brittle epoxies.

  • ALBIDUR® EP 5340 A

    ALBIDUR® EP 5340 A is a white, 40 % concentrated Dispersion of a high performance elastomer in a cycloaliphatic epoxy resin (EEC). It is used as a toughness modifier for rigid and brittle epoxy resin systems. Like the other ALBIDUR® resins, ALBIDUR® EP 5340 A is used in all applications where improved toughness of the cured resin is desired without sacrificing other properties, especially heat deflection temperature. Examples of possible uses for ALBIDUR® EP 5340 include: • Fibre-reinforced materials and composites • Applications in electrical/electronic equipment, e. g. casting, potting, encapsulation • Protective or decorative solvent-free coatings • Structural adhesives

  • ALBIDUR® PU 5640

    ALBIDUR® PU 5640 is a 40 % concentrate of a high performance elastomer in a short chain trifunctional polypropylene glycol. It is used to increase toughness of otherwise brittle PU systems.